Xenco Medical Unveils the TrabeculeX Continuum, a Breakthrough Convergence of Digital Health and Biomaterials, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Xenco Medical Unveils theTrabeculeX Continuum at CES 2024

Trailblazing medical technology company Xenco Medical unveiled its convergent technology bridging Digital Health and Biomaterials by showcasing its TrabeculeX Continuum™ at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Comprising the TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix™ and the TrabeculeX Recovery App™, the TrabeculeX Continuum is the first technology-enabled bridge between orthobiologics and digital health, unifying a patient’s biomaterial implantation and postoperative journey. Empowering surgeons who have implanted Xenco Medical’s TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix to enroll patients in the TrabeculeX Recovery App and engage in both Remote Therapeutic Monitoring and asynchronous video and text messaging, the TrabeculeX Continuum is an unprecedented intersection of regenerative medicine and digital health. 

Engineered to harness the hydroxycarbonate apatite-forming capabilities of bioglass in every TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix, the regenerative biomaterial included in the TrabeculeX Continuum has been intricately designed by Xenco Medical to conduct three-dimensional bone-formation. Leveraging a complex surface topography, the TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix’s novel architecture begins at the sub-micron scale and spans to the entire lattice itself. Bridging the journey from biomaterial implantation to full physical rehabilitation, the TrabeculeX Recovery App enables surgeons who’ve used a TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix strip in their patient to prescribe and remotely monitor patient-specific physical rehabilitation plans with the ability to engage in asynchronous video and text messaging. 

“As a surgical technology company devoted not only to our patients’ intraoperative care but to their longitudinal recovery, we’ve committed ourselves to dissolving the barriers that currently exist in the siloed path from surgery to rehabilitation. With the TrabeculeX Continuum, we’re excited to introduce a connective technology that recognizes the full arc of a patient’s journey rather than a single instance of care,” said Xenco Medical Founder and CEO Jason Haider.

A pioneer in its application of advanced materials science to surgical instrument and implant design as well, Xenco Medical’s novel, materials science-driven portfolio of disposable composite polymer surgery systems and biomimetic titanium foam spinal implants have been adopted by healthcare facilities nationwide. In recognition of its groundbreaking technologies, Xenco Medical was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company Magazine in its esteemed 2023 list. 


Xenco Medical unveiled the groundbreaking TrabeculeX Continuum at CES 2024, a transformative convergence of Digital Health and Biomaterials. Comprising the TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix and TrabeculeX Recovery App, this innovative technology acts as a seamless bridge between orthobiologics and digital health, revolutionizing the entire patient journey from implantation to rehabilitation. The TrabeculeX Bioactive Matrix, harnessing the hydroxycarbonate apatite-forming capabilities of bioglass, facilitates intricate three-dimensional bone formation.

Surgeons utilizing the TrabeculeX Recovery App can actively participate in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring and communicate with patients through asynchronous video and text messaging, enhancing postoperative care. Xenco Medical’s dedication to dissolving barriers in the surgery-to-rehabilitation path is evident in their advanced materials science-driven portfolio, which includes disposable composite polymer surgery systems and biomimetic titanium foam spinal implants. Recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company Magazine in 2023, Xenco Medical continues to pioneer transformative technologies in the medical field, ensuring comprehensive patient-centric care.

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