Solana's $GUMMY: Sparking a Meme Revolution with Staking Rewards and Referrals

The Solana network is on the brink of a major shakeup with the introduction of $GUMMY, an innovative project spearheaded by the well-known YouTuber Crypto Banter. This venture, titled the “Road to $1 Billy,” promises to disrupt the meme coin sector by offering staking rewards, a referral program, and a commitment to community transparency.

A Unique Staking Game: Exciting Challenges and Generous Rewards

At the heart of $GUMMY’s offerings is an engaging new staking meta, which unfolds over three distinct eras, each spanning a month. Token holders of $GUMMY can participate in various challenges and stake their tokens to earn rewards. These rewards are distributed in the form of $BAKED, a complementary token that acknowledges their participation and effort.

The $GUMMY staking is crafted to become progressively more challenging, with escalating rewards in each era. In the first era, participants can earn 15% of $BAKED tokens. In the second era, returning players can earn 22.5%, while newcomers receive 15%. The third era offers the highest stakes, with veterans earning 45% in $BAKED tokens, second-era players receiving 22.5%, and newcomers still eligible for a 15% reward.

MBOAT Competitions: Extra Rewards Through Contests

In addition to the staking, $GUMMY features the MBOAT (Most Baked Of All Time) competitions, held twice in each era. These contests offer additional rewards based on the points earned from staking and inviting others. The top 10 players on the leaderboard receive multipliers for the next competition, with the first place receiving 2x their points, second place getting 1.5x, third place earning 1.3x, fourth place receiving 1.2x, and fifth to tenth places getting 1.1x their points. After each era, participants must unstake and then restake their $GUMMY tokens to access their multipliers for the following MBOAT competition, maintaining fairness and excitement.

Winning the first MBOAT competition in an era automatically enters the winner into the second competition of that era. However, winners from later competitions need to stake again to get their multiplier for the next round.

Referral Program: Layered Rewards and Community Growth

Alongside the staking, $GUMMY introduces in the near future a unique referral program designed to enhance community engagement and growth. By referring others to hold $GUMMY tokens, participants can earn a portion of their referrals’ points, creating a multi-layered reward system that reflects their level of involvement.

This referral system not only encourages a robust and active community but also ensures equitable distribution of rewards, with the most active contributors enjoying the greatest benefits. It will be released soon.

A Meme Incubator: The Apex of Transparency and Community on Solana

In addition to its staking and referral programs, $GUMMY aspires to be a meme incubator for transparent meme coins on the Solana blockchain. Emphasizing transparency and community participation, $GUMMY aims to foster a thriving ecosystem where significant rewards come from community involvement.

With its distinctive staking, cutting-edge referral program, and dedication to transparency, $GUMMY is set to become a leading and transparent community on the Solana blockchain. As the “Road to $1 Billy” progresses, meme enthusiasts and crypto investors can prepare for a uniquely rewarding experience.

About $GUMMY

$GUMMY is the creation of Crypto Banter, a popular YouTuber with a substantial following of over 784,000 subscribers. Banter envisions $GUMMY as a fun and engaging community that balances lightheartedness with delivering genuine value and rewards to its members. Since its launch in early 2023, $GUMMY has achieved a notable milestone: it amassed over 100,000 holders within the first few months, reflecting the project’s active community that continues to expand.

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