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Unfortunately, even the best quality air conditioning equipment can fail. It is important to notice the malfunction in time and immediately contact the specialists providing AC repair solutions.

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On

This is the most obvious and unpleasant breakdown. There may be several reasons for this problem:

  • Problems with power supply (absence, power surges, breakdown of the control board, interruption of communication between the outdoor and indoor units).
  • The air conditioner does not receive a control signal (the remote control is broken or the signal receiving board is faulty).
  • There is an error code. To protect expensive components, the air conditioner goes into protection mode when problems occur (you can decipher the code using the manufacturer’s service instructions).

The Air Conditioner Works But Does Not Cool/Heat The Air

The most likely cause of this problem is a freon leak (in this case, refueling is required). But there may be a more harmless explanation: the temperature in the room is already quite low or high, so the air conditioner does not start working in the selected mode.

Water Drips From The Indoor Unit During Operation

This situation most often occurs when the air conditioner filter becomes dirty and the air circulation inside is disrupted. It is recommended to clean the filter every three weeks. It should be washed under running water until the dirt is completely removed. After washing, the filter should be dried and only then replaced. It is also possible that the collection tray may become dislodged, causing water to drip past.

Another reason is the work of the air conditioner in winter. Most modern devices are adapted to operate in the temperature range -7°C to +40°C. If the air conditioner is not operated properly during the cold season, that is, users run the air conditioner at a temperature below the permissible temperature, the drain freezes, and water cannot leave the system and flows into the room.

Presence of Frost

Frost and ice on copper pipes are the main sign of a freon leak. Ignoring this symptom can lead to failure of the compressor, the cost of which is 80% of the cost of the air conditioner, which often makes air conditioner repair unprofitable.

No one is safe from leakage, even if all equipment operating rules are followed. A leak of 2-3% of refrigerant (≈150 g) per year is considered normal. To avoid serious damage, freon should be refilled 1-2 times a year when servicing the air conditioner.

Extraneous Noise When The Air Conditioner Is Operating

The main causes of extraneous noise when the air conditioner is operating:

  • dirty air filter;
  • clogging of the radiator of the outdoor unit;
  • loosening of fastenings or wear of the compressor, motor, or fan impeller;
  • foreign objects getting inside.

You can recognize the problem by the nature of the noise:

  • The cracking sound can be caused by thermal expansion of the housing, as well as the operation of the drain pump after a long period of inactivity, failure of the fan impeller, compressor, or pump (dangerous, requires repair);
  • the cause of the knocking may be the loosening of the components as a result of vibration (if this breakdown is not eliminated, the bearings, impeller, and other components may collapse);
  • the hum most often occurs when dirt accumulates on the fan blades of the outdoor unit;
  • A hissing noise occurs when there is a refrigerant leak.

How to Extend The Life of Your Air Conditioner?

If you want your air conditioner to serve for a long time and without failure, you should:

  1. Correct choice of equipment. The power of the air conditioner must correspond to actual operating conditions. Deciding on the power of an air conditioner, in theory, is not difficult, but take into account this nuance: if there is a lot of equipment in the room (TV, computer, refrigerator, etc.), then you should choose a more efficient air conditioner model or set the thermostat 1-2 degrees lower. It should be remembered that inverter models of split systems, as a rule, are noticeably quieter than conventional ones (but also more expensive). And the noisiest of all are mobile air conditioners. It is recommended to choose them only if installing a stationary split system is not possible.
  2. Entrust the installation to professionals, this will initially eliminate many problems;
  3. Use the split system in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.Even the most expensive and high-quality equipment will fail if it is not taken care of and used incorrectly. Often, owners of air conditioners have the impression that they do not require regular attention. However, periodic maintenance of your air conditioner is necessary. Routine cleaning of dust and mold can be done independently. But operations related to repairs (including refueling) should be entrusted to specialists;
  4. Clean air filters promptly;
  5. Call a AC repair company in case of breakdowns.

We recommend that you involve only specialists in the maintenance and repair of climate control equipment.

Wrapping It Up

The influence of air conditioners on the indoor microclimate is multifaceted and depends on the specific model, its functions, and settings. When used correctly, air conditioners can significantly improve the comfort and health of people indoors. If there is the slightest breakdown, it is recommended to solve it with the help of specialists, in particular, you can contact Alpha Mechanicals.  It provides quality repair, replacement, and installation services for air conditioners and other HVAC systems in Sacramento.

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